About us

“Sevan” LTD is an entirely Bulgarian company with over 20 years of history.

Founded in 1993, in Bourgas, it has always been an example of an innovative, fast growing and quickly developping establishment, flexible enough to meet the needs of today’s market and business dynamics.

Since its foundation, the main scope of activities of our company has always been concentrated on grains, feedstuffs, oilseeds and coriander seeds, originated from its own land or purchased from the domestic market, a wide range of agricultural commodities exported to the international markets.

“Sevan” constantly follows its philosophy to maintain a first-class quality at competitive prices, but at first place to stay loyal and correct to all its contracting parties. This has resulted in developping strong and long-term business partnerships with outstandingly worldwide well – known companies.

Hereby, over the last five years, we have strengthened our position as a leader and top exporter among the Bulgarian companies in the sector, with an annual stock turnover of about 1 million tonnes.
For the needs of an ever-growing market share, we have invested in building our own storage facilities and port facilities, for speeding up the process of loading the goods onto the vessels.

Persistent in our efforts to maintain excellent business relationship with all of our partners, both internationally and locally, led by a team of far – seeing Managers, the company has successfully expanded the scope of its activities.

It is through our unique ability to collaborate with farmers and support them in constantly growing their yield and improving the quality of their crops , that has stimulated us to offer them a diversity of products and services including:

  • distribution and delivery of quality fertilizers of leading Bulgarian and foreign manufacturers
  • import and distribution of plant protection products
  • import and distribution of a wide range of varieties and hybrids of certified seeds
  • pre-financing

The company intensively develops an agricultural sector, the production of which amounts to about 10,000 hectares of arable land.