What we do


The company controls more than 150 trucks. Despite that we also work with other transport companies, creating additional work opportunities. We believe that this area is one of the most crucial sections of the business since the farmers we work with have the opportunity to have their grains transported without needing to hire their delivery services.
Our site in Balgarovo is dedicated to this sector. Trucks are parked, maintained, and also repaired there.
We value the logistics of the company highly. That is why we take meticulous measures to ensure that our trucks adhere to the standards imposed by the Euro Zone. Furthermore, our driver recruitment process follows multiple steps that include exhaustive research and education.
We also continue implementing new methods to establish safe travels and satisfying services for our partners.


Sevan produces its grains, yet most of the exported goods are formerly purchased. The company’s prices are formed by both Bulgarian and worldwide markets.
Our mission is to be an excellent and transparent business partner while maintaining a competitive position on the market.
Within the country, Sevan works with every region that grows grain and oilseed commodities. We strive to form long-lasting business relationships with all of our partners, even at our expense if necessary.
That is why our team of passionate professionals in all offices of the company is constantly in touch with our partners.
New ways to improve the experience for both sides of the trade are constantly being implemented.


Sevan is one of the biggest exporters in the country in its sector. Our highly trained team of professionals is dedicated to maintaining our position in the markets.
We have worked with various countries across the world, although currently most of our export goes to Europe and Asia.
We are pleased with the fast ship loading rates that our company is also known for. Our priority here is sustaining first quality service and communications with all of our foreign business partners, doing so while in touch with our shipping company partners. Not only that, but we are also dedicated to accomplishing our promises within their quality requirements and time limits.
Our export prices are based on Bulgarian and international markets, as well as logistics and shipping expenses. To show our commitment to our long-term partners, we offer them the best prices possible for them while being competitive on the market.

Produce and Storage

Sevan doesn’t only purchase grains and oilseeds, but it produces as well. We cultivate 10 000 hectares of land all over Bulgaria.
Our site in Kameno functions as storage, being able to hold 700 000 tonnes of grains. The team there is constantly in touch with all of our offices, utilizing up to date technology to track and report all the incoming and outgoing seeds. Multiple warehouses are located there and new ones are constantly being built to meet the constantly growing storage needs.
The site is positioned in an advantageous location. Transport lines to the ports for export or larger roads for trade are easily accessible from there.

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